Property: Tiny cabins become hot property

That lack of connectivity is an integral selling point for Getaway, a mini-vacation notion that has increased in the last six years by a few miniature rental cottages outside Boston into 581 custom-built Conveniently sprinkled across 15 locations in the USA.

Fifty of these very miniature cottages — just 140 to 200 square feet — will welcome guests to the first time on Thursday in Getaway Dale Hollow, situated on 415 acres about two hours northeast of Nashville, Tennessee.

That forcing time — just two hours or less out of a big metro region — is a characteristic of Getaway places, or”outposts” as the company calls them. This summer, a new outpost is set to start around an hour north of Seattle.

Getaway has experienced a very active pandemic calendar year, using a 150 percent year-over-year growth in reservations since March of 2020. Last April, a month after the US locked down, reservations were up by 250%, based on Jon Staff, Getaway’s founder, and CEO.

And within the last year, Getaway’s cottages have been almost 100 percent occupied. US resorts, in contrast, saw their greatest occupancy rates of this pandemic — roughly 60 percent — in early April.

Getaway has ever been”entirely socially remote” — for reasons unrelated to this pandemic, Staff explained.

“We made a business that’s socially distant for another reason, which would be to provide individuals time and room to recharge and detach,” he explained. “However, the simple fact of the matter is, even when we picked up our heads in the craziness [of bending down] it was like,’ oh look, our business is cottages in the woods, 100 to 250 feet beside another cottage in the woods, there is no check up desk, there is no pub, there is no restaurant, there is no set fire pit”.

Getaway touts the completely outfitted, drive-up cottages as having”everything you want and nothing you do not” to unwind in the forests.

Easy and immersive
The cottages — basically just a tiny bit on wheels — are all designed around a massive window near the mattress. The view, typically directly into the forests, makes guests feel almost as though they are outdoors sleeping one of the trees — by the comfort of one queen-size queen or bed bunks equipped with crisp white linens.

Interiors feature natural eastern white pine, an integrated dining table, a pristine but trendy stainless steel kitchenette plus a tiny bathroom with a shower and bathroom at the far end. Even the very small cottages are geared toward brief remains — normally 1 to 3 times, though as of April 2021, the period of a guest remains is up almost 20% year over year.

The kitchen setup — a sink and mini-refrigerator, two burners, 1 pot, 1 pan, and dishes and flatware — does not lend itself to elaborate meals. An outdoor fireplace pit for every cottage — complete with grilling grate — provides enlarged cooking alternatives, living room, and link with the outside. Some basic provisions like soup, pasta, oatmeal, tea and coffee (single-serve pour-over packets to be used with the cottage’s kettle) are readily available for sale.

Heat, AC, and window colors keep things comfy. There are an AM/FM radio — no TV, no Wi-Fi, and possibly spotty or nonexistent cell services. A landline in every cottage may be used for calls for onsite Getaway employees or 911 for emergencies.

Contactless check-in has ever been conventional and restaurants, bars, pools and other amenities that guests expect at hotels haven’t been a part of this bundle.

So pandemic guests have not felt as though they are passing up the standard Getaway experience, Staff explained.

Remaining in the present moment
Contrary to at resorts, at which operators are “agnostic” about how guests spend their own time, Staff stated, “We care very much about the way you spend time, and it’s doing nothing” — or even getting back in contact with your spouse or your children, staring into the campfire or trekking out of trailheads in easy driving distance of this Getaway outposts.

Now that vaccination rates have awakened in the united states, many Americans will be searching out a few of the pre-pandemic adventures which have felt too insecure for many travelers last year — aviation, entertainment parks, restaurants, and large resorts — but Getaway expects a continuing desire to get in touch with nature and detach from everything else.

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