Our selection of the highest security applications around now to help keep your computer secure.

Today, the demand for a great antivirus service is greater than ever, as a growing number of threats target businesses and customers alike.

But in a crowded market segment making the best selection of antivirus software can be a tricky challenge.

No need to fret, however, as FVBS is here to help, with a few terrific options for an antivirus program under. We will also keep updating this manual including all the hottest bargains and new releases, so make sure you stay tuned for all of the top antivirus information!

Best antivirus: the top 5 you can get now


bidefender1. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2019

Well rounded everyday protection

Operating system: Windows just | Maximum apparatus covered: 3 | Standout features: Ransomware protection and remediation, privacy tools, optional VPN, Safepay

Our best antivirus software select is Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2019 that boasts more than 500 million users and provides a full-featured package.

Additionally, comparing test results, like from top antivirus testing labs such as AV-Test, and AV-Comparatives, the Bitdefender antivirus products score high ratings.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2019 is easy to get up and running with an easy installation procedure. However, bear in mind that creating an online account, including an email address is required before the initial download and installation.

This program does have some flaws which include just protecting three devices without additional permits, though there are some competitor products only protect one apparatus. Additionally, this application only operates on Windows 10 apparatus. Additionally, it is resource-intensive when running, which is a drawback for the elderly and less powerful systems.

The annual subscription includes automatic upgrades during the whole year for $34.99. This keeps the program always up to date to meet the dangers of the most recent malware. Multi-year discounts are also available.


norton2. Norton Antivirus Plus

Smooth protection to your system

Operating system: Windows just | Maximum apparatus covered: 1 | Standout features: Advanced privacy security, financial security, the global civilian intelligence community

Norton Antivirus Plus is the provider’s latest entry-level antivirus program. Norton has existed for ages, with a good reputation earned over decades. Adding to the standing, Norton offers decent value with its yearly subscription costs.

Norton Antivirus Plus provides quite a few customization options to control the preferences. We also enjoy the URL blocker that could protect from acquiring the malware by shielding users by blocking visits to known malicious sites. The antivirus software is alert, and operates constantly, with scanning also accessible on demand.

Norton Antivirus Plus also includes its Norton Identity Safe, which is a password manager for the browser. However, some users have reported problems with this Chrome extension, such as the password manager randomly stops working, preventing Norton from taking the pole position in our ranks.

(Note that if you are reading this in the united kingdom, the product is still known by its previous name – Norton Antivirus Basic. We know that it will become known as Plus at some point in June 2019).


eset3. ESET NOD32 Antivirus

Antivirus software for the user

Operating system: Windows just | Maximum apparatus covered: 5 | Standout features: Ransomware Shield, UEFI Scanner, Exploit Blocker, cloud-powered scanning

ESET NOD32 Antivirus provides a free 30-day trial, and if it performs to your satisfaction, then the subscription costs $39.99 for the year of security.

ESET NOD32 Antivirus is a practical security suite that has the qualities of real-time malware protection, superb heuristic detection, an anti-ransomware coating, exploit protection, and URL filtering to block malicious sites. Additionally, it has modules for preventing attacks using PowerShell, defense against malicious scripts, a scanner for USB mass storage devices, and a UEFI scanner for security during the boot procedure.

Other features that are located in some antivirus suites like a password manager, software firewall, file shredder, and vulnerability scanner don’t make the cut as ESET NOD32 Antivirus focuses more on center attributes.


kaspersky4. Kaspersky Antivirus

A strong security alternative for all comers

Operating system: Windows just | Maximum apparatus covered: 5 | Standout features: Automatic scans, drive-by cryptomining disease prevention, simplified security management

For the ones that seek more antivirus protection, rather than a complete security package, that, Kaspersky Antivirus is well worth a serious look. A side benefit of this method is that it retains the cost cheaper since this program is $29.99 for the yearly subscription.

As opposed to focusing on a lot of peripheral attributes, Kaspersky Antivirus hones in on the fundamentals of malware prevention and detection and does them well really. Features include blocking of malicious URL’s via internet filtering, antivirus scanning for threat detection and removal, and smart tracking technology to locate malware before it brings down your system.

Giving them credence, when analyzed, AV-Comparatives scored Kaspersky Antivirus highly.


avast5. Avast Pro

The expert version kicks the free giving up a top-notch

Operating system: Windows just | Maximum apparatus covered: 1 | Standout features: Wi-Fi inspector, browser cleanup, smart analytics virus detection

Avast has a longstanding, and a superb reputation in the antivirus area, especially for its free offering. However, in addition, it includes a paid offering, Avast Pro, which adds additional security, which makes it worth considering to update.

Avast Pro has additional features, such as sandboxing of questionable files, protection against hijacking your DNS, Wi-Fi review against wireless poaching strikes, and browser cleanup for unwanted toolbars and malicious browser extensions. In case of support is necessary, there’s convenient messaging from inside the Avast Pro applications.

A drawback is that the paid version costs over the free version, and we notice that Avast Pro is significantly more expensive than other antivirus solutions. A single Windows PC subscription prices $49.99 annual, but it can be tried for free for a full 30 days, and also the choice of multiyear discounts can make it even more affordable.